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  The RJ laser system is based on 33 years experience in laser development and production. RJ-LASER is dedicated to offer new and alternative treatment possibilities. RJ has the laser for your diagnosis and biostimulation / biomodulation, for many areas of medical application, in every price range. RJ laser devices are made for professionals.


Intelligent control with RJ software

RJ laser devices work with the intelligent therapy software for highest precision, safety and biofunctional therapeutic information. The RJ therapy operating system and microprocessor control enables precise programming of all important functions, giving you the flexibility to apply the latest research results.


 Laser  RJ-Recommendation  Main features


Point/small/medium/large area, universal therapy system, ear and body acupuncture, odontology (PDT), physiotherapy, orthopedics, neurology, dermatology, veterinary medicine, anti-aging therapy

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High-end compact laser, universal modular system, plug & play.

It offers special single and multi-cluster probes, LightNeedle fiber optic system; scanner and various  diagnostic modules.

The worldwide leading laser system.

Point/small area, ear and body acupuncture, odontology, physiotherapy


High-end pen laser device, fully programmable, 28 bio frequencies (RAC diagnostic), special interchangeable probe tips.



>> How do you find your perfect laser ? Seven questions :



Application: small areas or larger areas?


Indication: Mainly acupuncture or mainly local therapy?


Diagnosis: With or without diagnostic module?


Features: Basic features or multi-functional?


Power: Do want low or high power? (remember: high power leads to shorter therapy duration)


Size: Small or larger size?


Budget: Low or average investment?



Implementation of the latest technology enabled the realization of compact, mobile devices with large range of functions as well as maximum power and frequency precision.


Most RJ lasers are fully programmable - you configure your individual therapy programs and protocols depending on pathology or offer comprehensive therapy programs. An extensive frequency memory lets you apply the latest research to your course of therapy.



1-99999 Hz (freely selectable, e.g. in increments of 0.1 Hz)


Continuous beam


Universal frequency


Nogier frequencies (exponentiated) acc. to NOGIER


Bahr frequencies (tissue and axial frequencies) acc. to BAHR

Chakra frequencies acc. to BAHR


   Meridian frequencies according to REININGER


Individual protocols



      Laserwarningsigns on the device

  Laser warning signs on the device 

RJ-LASER Germany

Quality Management, certified according to
ISO 13485:2012 for medical products


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